Aromatherapy Candles

Although controversial, it is believed by many that aromatherapy is a form of energy healing. It works by altering your mood (or energy) which results in a physiological reaction in the body which helps the body to heal itself.

There's no doubt that certain scents can influence your mood. Remember walking into Grandmas house and being over-powered by the smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin pie, or whatever else she happened to have in the oven?

The very instant you walk through the door, the smell is so good, it just uplifts your spirit, and you can't help but smile with appreciation for her. I think a lot of people relate certain scents to memories like that.

Other scents have mood altering effects too. Lavender is really good for relaxation. It's the perfect scent to use during meditation. If you suffer from issues such as anxiety or depression, try burning lavender candles to help lift your spirits. It will also help you sleep.

If you are suffering from a cold or flu, aromatherapists recommend eucalyptus candles. Or, if you just need a little energy boost, then try some vanilla.

There's an aromatic therapy for just about every condition from sleep disorders, to depression, to the common cold.