How To Start a Candle Business

Get A Business License and Tax ID Number

A business license is easy to obtain. Just go to your local County Courthouse (business license department) and they will tell you everything you need to do. You will probably be required to get a City License and a State License.

Since the sales tax laws in different states vary, you will need to go to your local State Dept of Revenue and apply for either a Tax Exemp Number (if you will be selling wholesale only) or a Resale Tax Number (if you intend to retail your candles).

Calculate Cost and Establish Pricing

Calculate your exact cost per candle - and double check your numbers. You don't want to lose money! Make sure you include all your material costs (wax, wax additives, wicks, fragrance, dye, boxes or other packaging materials).

It would be smart to add an extra 15-20% for overhead to help cover any expenses you may not have even thought of yet. Trust me, there will probably be unforseen expenses in the future.

Figure out exactly how much profit (per candle) you need to make, in order to make this worth your while, and set your prices accordingly.

Wholesale or Retail?

Should you sell your candles wholesale or retail? This is really a matter of preference. They are two different types of businesses, but either can be very profitable if set up and managed properly.

General Advice

  • Come up with a unique product
  • Use attractive packaging
  • Put your company name on every product you sell

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