How I Got Started Making Candles

I knew after making my very first candle that candle-making would be a significant part of my life.

It all started when I was trying to find a hobby which would allow me to create something with my hands (utilize my artistic side), yet serve a functional purpose as well.

I didn't know what I was looking for, but I felt strongly that I would know it when I found it.

Frequently I would stop by the local craft stores, and purchase something, take it home and try it.

After trying a half dozen different types of hobbies, all of which proved not to be for me,

I ended up purchasing a candle-making kit. It was a very basic kit which came with a little bit wax, a few wicks, one mold, some dye, and some fragrance.

The idea of making candles didn't really excite me all that much at first. But as I was making that first candle, I began to realize the potential of this craft. There are an endless number of possibilities with candle making.

Ideas just kept pouring into my head about how I could make all sorts of unique candles. And it wasn't long before I was searching where to buy candle wax in bulk.

And so the experiments began, and they continued for about a year until my candle making techniques had evolved to a point where I had created something totally unique. One-of-a-kind Handmade Designer Candles!

And this is how Groovy Candles began.