How to make candles

Candle making instructions (as well as ingredients and equipment) can vary greatly according to the type of candles you plan to make.

This website will provide information about all different types of candle making techniques.

Step 1: Decide which type candle you're going to make.

There are many types of candles to choose from, but the most common types are container candles (a.k.a. jar candles). 

The best types for beginners are:

  • container candles
  • votives
  • pillars
  • tea lights

Container Candles & Tea Lights

If you're going to make container candles, you'll need some containers such as metal tins, or glass jars. Be sure they're deemed safe for candle making because not all glass can handle that type of heat. However, mason jars, or any that are made for canning will do just fine.

Votives and Pillar Candles

Votive candles and pillars require a candle making mold (sometimes spelled as "moulds" if you're searching online).

Different types of wax (and wax blends) have different melt points (and flash points). So be sure to follow the manufacturers instructions for melting your specific type of wax.

Again, I would recommend a candle making starter kit if you're not sure which ingredients will work together, or which types of wax require additives, or which types of fragrance will work in which types of wax.

You can have a real mess on your hands if you just haphazardly throw together a bunch of candle making ingredients, and then melt and pour. So, be sure to follow the instructions.