Lavender Candles

I absolutely love the scent of lavender candles.

It's no wonder why they are so popular when it comes to aromatherapy. The sweet, somewhat floral aroma is highly regarded for it's benefits of helping people to relax.

Some use lavender aromatherapy in treating depression and stress management. Others use it because they just feel that it improves their overall health and general well-being.

Some say that people who are regularly exposed to the scent of lavender are more healthy in general than those who are not. But who knows if that is true?

Nevertheless, a lavender candle smells wonderful!

I like to use them while relaxing in a bath, and especially during meditation. But sometimes, my favorite way to use lavender for relaxation is to fill the room with this fragrance using highly scented candles, turn off all the distractions like the television and computer, and just sit and relax. I have a fireplace, so sitting by a nice fire is and excellent way to relieve stress.

So, in my opinion, you can't go wrong with lavender candles.